PROZAC (Fluoxetine) Lamp


JulianLwin_PROZAC_FLUOXETINE JulianLwin_PROZAC_FLUOXETINE_Detail JulianLwin_PROZAC_FLUOXETINE_L JulianLwin_PROZAC_FLUOXETINE_R The PROZAC (FLUOXETINE) Lamp is a three dimensional anti – depressant product. The chemical formula for Prozac is visualized in 3D using re-claimed embedded extruded acrylic rods and psychologically calming blue tones of color, the work is  commenting not only the current prevailing drug dependent culture of today, but also on the psychological power of color, light and design to imbue an environment with non-harmful mood enhancing qualities. The PROZAC (FLUOXETINE) lamp offers significant anti-depressant benefits – with no adverse side – effects…

Dimensions: 16″ x 52″

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