Pulse Contemporary Art Fair

Pulse_Art_Fair_Stasis Pulse_Art_Stasis2 Stasis3exhibition_direction

“Stasis” installation:

Medium: 100 re-cycled analogue Televisions in assorted sizes, sound, custom entry ramp, steel handrails, industrial shelving.
“Stasis” comments on our societal fascination with the latest current technology…Obsolete technology that still functions, is discarded for the latest designs and innovations
sending millions of electronic components to landfills unless they can be re-used or re-cycled before they get there.
Stasis creates walls of static displaying TV’s un-tuned to the digital age offering memories and sounds of countless viewing nights – a requiem for analogue tv’s everywhere….

We were able to salvage functioning TV sets and use them for directional signage throughout the art fair.

#Experiential #Immersive #Brand #Experience #Spatial #Design

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